Marshall Goldsmith: The Inspiration for the 100 Coaches

World-renowned business educator and coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the leading expert in his field. His singular ability to get results for top leaders has drawn over 150 CEOs and their management teams to address change in the workplace. They want what Dr. Goldsmith offers: practical and proven methods.

What is 100 Coaches?

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100 Coaches is an organization that brings together many of the world's leading executive coaches, top business thinkers and best leaders with the common purpose of making good executives better. We offer services and opportunities that amplify the collective impact of our members. Together, our goal is to prepare, develop, and energize inspired leaders for the future.

It started with an idea to pay it forward

A couple of years ago, I attended a program led by my wonderful friend Ayse Birsel, one of the world’s top designers, called Design the Life You Love. At the program, Ayse asked us to write down the names of our heroes. I wrote down Frances Hesselbein (former CEO of the Girl Scouts and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom), Alan Mulally (former CEO of Ford and CEO of the year in the United States), Dr. Jim Kim (President of the World Bank), Peter Drucker (founder of modern management), Paul Hersey (noted author, teacher, and personal mentor of mine), and Warren Bennis (one of the world’s greatest leadership thinkers of his time). Then Ayse asked us to describe what made us think of them as heroes. I wrote that they were all “great teachers” and “very generous.” She then challenged us to “be more like them” in designing the lives we love.

It was from this fantastic program that I came up with the idea to teach people everything. These people would ‘pay if forward’ by doing the same thing for others. I was inspired to do this by the many great teachers and leaders who have so generously helped me. It is my way of recognizing the amazing contributions they have made in my life.

Welcoming the 100 Coaches

This amazing group of individuals are some of the top people in their fields. They represent leaders in their own worlds with a diversity of interests that relate to the topic of coaching.