Janice Perkins

VP of Business Development – Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of Leaders
Work With Us

Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of Leaders is a global project started as a way to make the knowledge of the world’s most influential business thinkers from the MG 100 Coaches accessible for current and future leaders around the world. Their mission is to share the collective knowledge of the world’s greatest leaders with the world’s most influential people — those current and future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and self-starters who can make a positive impact on society — and to make it readily available, affordable, and accessible anywhere, anytime. She also continues to run her own business started in 2019 called Capacity Communications where she consults, coaches and speaks for corporations and non-profits. Janice created Capacity Communications to examine individual levels of growth within organizations to find opportunities to boost productivity and profits through increasing individual capacity in our character. She utilizes her 20 plus marketing experience and career to evaluate internal and external communication and build more successful strategies.