Mirja Bang Hansen

Author of THE BRAIN FABLE & Executive Coach for extremely busy founders and executives
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"How do we expand our time WITHOUT implementing yet another time management system? By leading our brain. It might seem counterintuitive, but it works.

This is what Mirja Bang Hansen is constantly looking for, and it is her mission to inspire as many chronically busy people as possible to take better care of their brain under high pressure. Marshall Goldsmith invited Mirja to participate in the 100 Coaches Program.

She has supported both young and mature growth companies for two decades. Since 2008 she has constantly experimented with new methods that transform neuroscience into tangible tools that support the brain during a hectic and complicated day. Today, Mirja helps extremely busy founders and executives expand their time.

The knowledge, Mirja gains by working with the busy managers is transformed into fables about our brain - seen from the inside of an extremely busy manager.

""Mirja has created a story to draw you in and forget you're learning powerful secrets of the brain,"" Marshall Goldsmith wrote about the first fable about the brain (the book will be published 2022).

Mirja does not have the answers to what suits you best. She believes that you are the expert in your life. She brings the questions and stories that make you reflect and boost your creativity - and you find the answers yourself.

Mirja Bang Hansen holds an E-MBA from the Technical University of Denmark and is a certified ICC Executive Coach, Coaching the Brain by Joseph O’Connor, Emotional Skills and Competences by Paul Ekman International etc. "