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Saahil believes that Clutter is Shunned Confrontations-because of which you are always playing catch-up with all sorts of decisions in your life. Clutter that eventually builds up as REGRET....

Saahil’s story begins with the backdrop of overcoming the primal human fear of judgment and breaking free from self imposed limits to living his childhood dream of scaling mountains. The journey of mountaineering which began with Kala Patthar- at the base of Mount Everst in 2010 has today made him scale 6 of the tallest mountains like Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus amongst others in the world! This followed by the strategic decluttering of his life across the 4 key dimensions of health, mind, relationships and material life empowered him to set new metaphorical summits and scale them along with the actual ones. His passion for mountaineering ignited his mission to enable ‘leaders to scale the proverbial mountains of their minds as well.

A quintessential global entrepreneur who has built successful businesses across 3 continents, today Saahil has turned advocate of the power of decluttering your life-after experiencing it first hand! As a best selling author of his book- BREAK FREE and a keynote speaker Saahil enables entrepreneurs and global leaders ‘discover diamond-grade clarity to scale their summits of success faster!’ and thus live a Zero Regret Life every single day...

Today Saahil coaches ambitious leaders to navigate their health, wealth, relationships and life with a set of proven tools + rituals to experience the ultimate peace, freedom and abundance every day. Global brands like P&G, Dell, HP, Silicon Valley Bank, Thomas Cook, TATA group to name a few; as well as organizations like EO, YPO, TiE, Corporate Connections across the world trust Saahil to inspire and influence their leaders to transcend their mindsets and self-imposed limits to lead better and grow faster by imbibing some profound lessons from the mountains generously shared by Saahil in his keynote talks, workshops and coaching sessions.

Key accreditations that distinguish Saahil Mehta:

• Recognized as Top 200 Global Thought Leaders by PeopleHum

• Recognized as Top 10 Rising Global Indian Influencers by India Today

• Certified Global Speaker by Entrepreneur Organization

• Certified Co-Active Professional Coach

Lesser known facts about Saahil Mehta:

• Saahil leads his life with absolute ‘ahimsa’ the art of non-violence and evangelizes this virtue for all human beings; but when it comes to personal mastery & performance he loves to destroy his limits and consistently conquer and transcend himself

• Apart from mountaineering Saahil is an avid Go-Karting racer and loves to hit the track over weekends and of course-every opportunity he gets

• Saahil is the board member of the NGO Humans for Education where he campions and supports the cause of education for underprivileged kids

• Saahil is a vocal champion of sustainable living and practices it vehemently across all areas of life

• Saahil has travelled across 70 countries in the world for a combination of personal pursuits and business interests and brings a truly global perspective to the table